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According to experts, focusing on just one advertising medium might be risky for effective marketing. Brochures and flyer designs are other options that can work as they have an instant effect on the audience. Flyers give your business a level of credibility because people expect companies to have printed material. They also save time because people ask for brochures and flyers to read at their leisure.

In the marketing industry, there are three main types of flyers. We’d be discussing them below;

  • Flyer Ads


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First, we have flyer design ads which are used in promoting limited-time discounts and sale advertisements. These flyers emphasize the information rather than the design. All information is concise and easy to read because of its legible fonts. A flyer should have the contact details, product details, and prices in bold colors. The image of what you’re selling should also be on the flyer.

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  • Corporate Flyers

Pullen creatives Business Corporate Flyer marketing flyer

The second type is a corporate flyer. Corporate flyer designs are made to promote brand awareness through many contents while maintaining a clean look. When making these flyers, designers use a balanced grid to position the page elements. Work or corporate flyers should have company logos, contact details, and photos of your signature product or service.

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  • Photo-Centric Flyers

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The last type is a photo-centric flyer. These flyers are best for promoting network-building through events. These flyers have nice colour schemes with attention-seeking elements like you might see for marketing nightclubs. These kinds of flyers are created using bright and inviting color schemes. For example, an event flyer should give a mental impression of what the event is about to the viewer.

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The contents of your flyer should be decided after taking several key factors into consideration. Photo(s), elements, and other information that you think would excite the audience should be used when creating the flyer.

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