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Have you ever had to deal with children at any point in time of your life? Well, I have and I must say it’s a memory I’ll never forget so quickly.

We are back again this week with the first episode of our story at Pullen. Sit back and enjoy this short story with us.

It was a day as any other day since we were under lockdown, it was about 10:30 in the morning, I had worked all night, and was very tired, so I decided to get some sleep, as I can’t come and kill myself.Pullen creatives kids playing car ride joy boys black boys children little

The sleep was really good, as I was about to reach my village in the dream, I started hearing daddy, daddy, I opened my eyes to see my kids fighting, a report from here and there, daddy, Tomiwa does not want me to play.

Anyway I told them to go and play outside, and went back to sleep, I was half asleep when I started hearing Tomiwa, come down na, let me drive too, Daddy Tomiwa will not let me drive the car.

Pullen creatives father shocked shouting man open door short Nigerian father black man

Immediately, the sleep cleared from my eyes, I don’t know which one I was more worried about, my car or my kids, I shouted, WTF, and jump up from the bed, ran outside screaming like a mad man, on getting outside, it suddenly hit me, that I don’t have a car, Damn!!!

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Thanks for creating magic with us.


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