You will not believe what happened to me. Oh by the way my name is Mike, You can call me Mike lala or just Lala, I work with a digital marketing and design agency in Lagos.

Alright, let’s get into it.

Last Friday, on my way home after a stressful week and one of the most hectic days at work (Fridays are always a challenge, with too many reports to write and accounts to reconcile, which is quite common in a digital marketing agency) my line head was just shouting at everyone all day. I don’t know how I made it through the day.

As I was stepping out of the office, my phone rang. Guess what? it was this babe I had been trying to invite to my house. She called for us to hang out and watch a movie at her place. My mind froze, I answered yes ma, got into my car and all I could think of was the different possibilities.

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I was driving calmly and from nowhere this car just beat the red light and was going to crash into me. Before turning and driving away, I bashed a Hilux behind me. People started saying “ha, ye, na army motor you knack oo”

I took a deep breath, so I reached for a paper on my dashboard. Bear in mind I have worked in the digital marketing space, where I worked in different companies in different industries,  and one happens to be an insurance company so I already know how the game goes. I came down, apologized to the angry men, and Stretched out a document to the soldier. He angrily collected it, looked at it, and smiled.

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He said, “so you have third-party motor insurance,” I said yes, and he then mentioned the insurance company tagline and told me he has their officer insurance cover.

We both laughed and chorused the name of the insurance company. Be like me, get your third-party insurance policy, or just work with a good digital marketing agency. Maybe you could have a soldier as your friend.

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