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If you have ever had an experience with Lagos drivers, trust me, It’s not an experience you’ll want to have again.

Sit back and enjoy our story for this week. You’re going to love every bit of it. Ensure you read to the end and drop your feedback.

Pullen Creatives African driver in the busblack man Nigerian driver Lagos driver

It was the last Friday of the month, I came all the way from Edo State for an interview with Pullen Creatives, I was unfortunate to arrive in Lagos in the evening, after surviving the heavy traffic on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, if you know what that means….

Our driver suddenly said he was not going past Ojota, after we paid for Mile 2, that his fuel was about to finish due to the heavy traffic, after all the shouts we all came down, everyone went their separate ways.

Pullen Creatives shocked black man surprised Nigerian man confused black man startled passenger

I begged a passenger to direct me to where I could get a bus, las las I enter a bus from Ojota to Mile 2, this driver was forming sharp guy and was entering different streets, trying to beat traffic.

I was crying in my mind, who sent me to come to this state, “Lagos is not for me”. It was a totally new and terrifying experience for me.


Pullen Creatives confused passenger surprised Nigerian man confused black man startled passenger crying man

Car horns blaring, sweats dripping, temperature rising, the different smell from different places, home training was out of the window, pockets of fights at every turns and junction, an army of Okada on one way, blocking the road and feeling entitled, adding salt to the frustration of stuck drivers and passengers.

Driver and passengers fighting

Some Passengers unleashed their frustration on the driver: Oga why you con pass here, dat other road for fast pass dis wan, we for don reach where we dey go now.

Driver: Na who you dey talk to, you know how many years I don dey drive?


Pullen Creatives driver in the bus black man frustrated Nigerian driver angry driver dissatisfied passenger agitated driver and passenger


Other passengers exchanged words

Lady: Oga abeg shift your leg, you dey use style dey touch my yansh

Man: you dey mad, I get your age for house, if you talk to me anyhow, you no go believe your eyes

Lady: dem no born you well, you no go ever try am again.

Pullen Creatives shocked black man surprised Nigerian man confused black man startled passenger thinking worried hand in the jar

I looked outside the bus, and all I see are fights, looked inside the bus, everyone is arguing, I closed my eyes and kept saying ‘Lagos is not for me’

If only I knew I would have taken God is Good Motors, a company with well-behaved staff and more importantly, good drivers, and tight AC, they will calm your nerves till you reach your destination.

To cut the long story short, I got the job, and it’s been fun all the way working here at Pullen.

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