I bashed a soldier’s car but digital marketing saved my life

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You will not believe what happened to me. Oh by the way my name is Mike, You can call me Mike lala or just Lala, I work with a digital marketing and design agency in Lagos. Alright, let’s get into it. Last Friday, on my way home after a stressful week and one of the […]

3 Types of Flyer Design for Effective Marketing

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According to experts, focusing on just one advertising medium might be risky for effective marketing. Brochures and flyer designs are other options that can work as they have an instant effect on the audience. Flyers give your business a level of credibility because people expect companies to have printed material. They also save time because […]


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If you have ever had an experience with Lagos drivers, trust me, It’s not an experience you’ll want to have again. Sit back and enjoy our story for this week. You’re going to love every bit of it. Ensure you read to the end and drop your feedback. It was the last Friday of the […]


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Have you ever had to deal with children at any point in time of your life? Well, I have and I must say it’s a memory I’ll never forget so quickly. We are back again this week with the first episode of our story at Pullen. Sit back and enjoy this short story with us. […]

Why you need a Customer Persona

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Customer persona or buyer persona in the world of digital marketing has always been referenced when talking about a brand/business customer. Every business has one or even more, it’s not unusual to have many customer personas at this point, you are probably wondering what a customer/buyer persona is. Click here  to get a free customer/buyer […]