Customer persona or buyer personae in the world of digital marketing has always been referenced when talking about a brand/business customer. Every business has one or even more, it’s not unusual to have many customer personas at this point, you are probably wondering what a customer/buyer persona is?


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What is a Customer Persona?

A customer persona is also known as a buyer persona. It is a research-based profile that depicts a target customer. Customer personas describe who your ideal clients/customers are, what their days are like the challenges they face, and how they make decisions.


In short, it’s a way of ensuring your “ideal customer/buyer” doesn’t remain an abstract entity for your business: You will include details like their personality, characteristics, motivations, ideals, values, behaviors, and preferences.


Why is Customer Persona important?


You may be wondering/asking why you should care about the buyer/customer persona. Your business has numerous customers who behave differently and have different criteria for evaluating your product, and you’ll need different marketing strategies to address their needs. and so It is common to have multiple customer personae for a business marketing plan.


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Customer personas help you as a brand or business to better understand, empathize and relate with your target audience in order to acquire and serve them. It will also help you in your messaging/communication with them on social media, It can be used to determine what marketing tactics they’ll respond to best.

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When choosing a product, people naturally move towards the one they know and trust. And, the best way to build trust is to show genuine understanding and concern for the other person – in this case, your customers. This way, you are able to instill brand loyalty as you are constantly focused on their needs and giving them the best possible solutions through what you offer.

Let’s take advertising, for instance, knowing your customer persona, you will be able to write a copy (message) that addresses that particular customer’s need

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See, it doesn’t end there, you can better connect with those types of customers that the particular buyer persona is about because you will be able to address their needs and pains, by showing that you get them.

Customer personas bring you closer to your target audience and improve your marketing communication

How to create a Customer Persona?

To craft a persona, you need to first ask yourself relevant questions as regards buyers who have previously made a decision similar to the one you want to influence. Effective persona interviews encourage your buyers to tell you their stories, of what worked and what didn’t work, as they progressed through their buying decision.

While there is no one way to structure the lists of questions to include in your persona interview, you can focus on these key topics when creating your customer persona questions which can evolve as you learn more about your customers.


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  • Personal / Background Information: Name, Age, Gender, Marital Status,
  • Job details: Title, key responsibilities, and position in the job.
  • Attitudes: Likes, dislikes, motivations, and career aspirations.
  • Main source of information: Where your buyer does their product/service research.
  • Goals: Persona’s primary and secondary goals.
  • Pain points: Their challenges and fears, frustrations, pressures, and concerns. what problem or desires they are solving; what rewards they are associating with the purchase.
  • What is their buying process: What criteria do they use in their decision process; what messages speak to them.



Customer personas are ideal resources for any brand or business as they struggle to get their message heard in a crowded marketplace and more importantly the digital marketing space. They allow you to connect better with your target audience and help you adapt key aspects of your sales and support for greater success. Clarifying the types of people who benefit from your solutions and the challenges you help them solve, is critical to your efforts to attract and retain customers.

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