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Digital Marketing


201Stores is an interactive business directory. Their platform enables users to find all their local businesses, preview their goods and services and communicate directly with them to meet their requirements.
They also provide businesses with tools, advisory services and advertising services to give them visibility and enable them take their businesses to the next level.
201Stores have taken an in-depth look at the business and market landscape from around the world and have found an ideal balance that enables businesses to grow with no stress and buyers find , compare and choose the best businesses within their locality and beyond to suit their needs.
The client wanted to create the following (listed below) and consequently increase conversion

  • Brand awareness
  • On-site SEO
  • Create google ads
  • App downloads

Our Approach

  • We implemented a three point strategy:  Awareness, Consideration and Purchase
  • Run Google Search & Display Campaigns.
  • Track sales, customer activities and marketing campaigns
  • Give monthly data reports and meaningful insights


  • 201stores brand awareness and search interest grew up by 100% 
  • 201Stores impression share increased 
  • Increase in calls and inquiries about the 201stores platform
  • APP downloads increased from 20 to 781 monthly average downloads