Enterprise Nation



March 2020


Pullen Creatives




ENTERPRISE NATION is a business development company whose business model is a combination of deal creation, venture capital, business incubation, consulting and enterprise apprenticeship has the knowledge, track record and required capabilities to create strong portfolio companies with strong contacts and affiliates in Nigeria, the United States and around the world. Enterprise Nation specializes in transforming entrepreneurial intent to successful companies with explosive growth

The Brief

The brief was to create the brand’s visual identity in a way that targets and appeals to young entrepreneurs, startups and founders or those with interest in starting a business and also drive traffic to their website.

Our Approach

We created a unique logo mark for Enterprise Nation, we also developed a colour scheme that sets our client apart, We chose a shade of green and grey colour.

The Green symbolizes growth and freshness that entreprise Nation brings to StartUps and young companies while Grey symbolizes the balance and business structure that Enterprise Nation intends to teach the founders and management of the companies they work with.

Pullen Creatives also created a full visual identity for Entreprise Nation