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Car hailing Service in Jimeta, Yola state, Nigeria with a mission to take taxi service to the next level, and offer remarkable service at very affordable prices

The brief

The brief was to create the following

  • A logo for the brand
  • A unique brand identity
  • Social media management

Our Approach


Logo mark

The logo mark is a route shaped like the first letter of the name Jabbama – (J) It is shaped particularly to represent moving from a point (home) to another destination and back to the point of safety (home) and also the unique nigeria road.

Brand Positioning

Having done our careful and meticulous research we created a unique brand colour for the brand and also focused on positioning the brand, We choose the Convenience-Based Positioning Strategy as its perfectly suited for Jabbama Cabs,We also focused on the human aspect of the brand, which is emotive and proactive.

Social Media Management

  • Created social media pages .
  • Created new social media flyers
  • Educated their followers on their services
  • Monitor engagement
  • Give monthly data reports and meaningful insights