Law Union Rock 


April 1st 2019


Pullen Creatives


Social Media


Law Union & Rock Ins. Plc is one of the first generation Insurance Companies to open office in Nigeria six decades ago

As part of a leading Independent Insurance company, Law Union and Rock Insurance PLC.  have built on a foundation of providing impartial authoritative advice, attentive service whilst providing for their clients with their invaluable knowledge and experience in all areas of corporate insurance and individual insurance packages.


  • To grow the brand online
  • The client wanted revamp of their social media accounts across all platforms and also
  • Increase engagement page across platforms
  • Increase page impression and reach.

Our Approach

  • We implemented the Emo Marketing strategy which taps into the emotions the target audience
  • We reposited the brand.
  • We redesigned the page and created beautiful social media flyers to captivated the audience
  • We created educational videos by interviewing the staffs
  • Give weekly data reports and meaningful insights


  • Law Union and Rock Insurance PLC brand awareness and interest grew
  • Law Union and Rock impression and reach increased
  • Increase inquiries about the Law Union and Rock insurance packages
  • Customers engagement via DMs increased
  • Redesigned the pages and created new social media flyers