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Nov 5th 2020Author

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Velvot Nigeria Limited is a Modern Digital Transformation and Services firm that specializes in providing business-critical technology Solutions with expert advisory that ensure clients success in this digital era.

They are at the forefront of digital transformation. In the future, everything will be digitally connected and people expect to have access to real-time information. The scope of organizations shifts to the core competencies and key focus areas. For each focus area, organizations will develop new services in co-creation with partners who will contribute their unique expertise and resources. These new types of collaboration span supply chains and introduce a number of key challenges.

The client wanted the following

  • Brand positioning
  • Office rebranding
  • Stationeries and cloth branding


Our Approach

The key objectives we focused on for the client brand positioning include relevance, differentiation and credibility/attainability

We used the price-based brand positioning strategy

  • We worked with the brand existing colour schemes
  • Office wall arts and murals
  • Brand shirts
  • We redesigned their stationeries
  • New UI design for their website